The Battle Of Evermore

The Story So Far

It all Started in Evermore

An orc war party came to talk to the king of Evermore. They told him that they have decided they are done with Evermore taking all of there natural resources and destroying their land. They told the king that they are going to war with Evermore, so get ready.

The king asked the people of Evermore to help step up and fight for Evermore. Xanthos and Milo both went to the “tryouts” and impressed the king enough. The king gave them a quest: find these people to help us win this war with the orcs and you will be handsomely rewarded.

The first person MIlo and Xanthos went to find was Yorlan Wolfmane. He was hiding from civilization in a woods about a week trip from Evermore. After helping him get revenge on a bandit group that killed all his friends, he decided it was time to leave the forest. He agreed to come with us to find the rest.

The next was Melvin. He was a kid in Abonal, another two week trip from the forest Yorland was found it. Once finding him, he said he would help us if we would help him get revenge on the merchant king that killed his father. The group was only just barely able to do this by poisoning him. After fighting our way back out of the castle, they ran from the city, hoping to never come back.

The next destination is Monreach. But, on the way there, the group found a city that was deep in the forest. It was full of a new species none of them had seen. They called them selfs half-felines. The group decided to stay here for a while and recoupe after running from Abonal so quickly.


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